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Fortune Freshies | Candle (m3)

Fortune Freshies | Candle (m3)

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Size | 3.5-5.5"

MADE TO ORDER. A variety of decor and fragrances THAT ARE AVAILABLE are used to fill orders.

WHOLESALERS, Please read the READ THEIR STORY link on the Fortune Freshies Faire Shop Page – I keep it updated with important information.

NOTE: I reserve the right to substitute shapes on an order, to fill it faster.

Originally designed to hang from your rear-view mirror, they're easily useable in lockers, closets, bathrooms, cubicles, offices, campers, etc.

161° melting point - unlikely, but can deform; however, will not drip-melt like wax candles.

Do NOT place between windshield & reflective sunshade, place on dash or any surfaces, oils & dyes may stain.

Feel free to contact me, phone/text (512) 496-9410. I work diligently to ensure my freshies are the best, down to the packaging & have been perfecting them for 3+ years, now.  Any issues, I need to hear about them from you, or I may never know there is an issue.

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  • Brown Paper Packages

    Wrapped up in brown paper packaging. These lovely candles are headed your way via USPS/UPS, in a matter of days.

  • Candle Enthusiast's Essential Tool | Wick Trimmer

    Ensure that a cotton wick (¼") and wooden wick (⅛") is trimmed properly, prior to each burn.

    Shop Wick Trimmers