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Freshie Caution


Do NOT leave your freshies in a closed up vehicle (i.e., smashed between your sunshade, sun visor & the windshield) during the heat of summer in direct sunlight.  They can, and likely will, melt to some degree (like a plastic container put into the dishwasher when advised not to), but they will not melt like a wax candle, freshies are made from plastic aroma beads, not wax.

TAKE CAUTION when using in your car during temps +100˚ hot seasons & in direct summer sunlight, especially in southern states' heat - the melting point is 161°

Take Caution with Freshies in HOT temps!

In which states is it illegal to hang something from your rear view mirror?

According to WANE Arizona, California, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

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