Recycle Program | Candle Vessel Exchange

We're committed to minimizing our impact on the environment/farm land, so we're offering this Recycle Program.

We like to keep it as eco-friendly as possible, around here. Recyclable packaging & biodegradable starch dissolvable packing peanuts. Biodegradable wax. Natural products, etc. That's why we've implemented a way for you to recycle your candle vessels & wooden wick clips, and get a little reward in return. 

Bring in an empty & cleaned candle vessel or jar (with wooden wick clip, if available) previously purchased from Farm & Ranch Candle Co., and you'll receive a credit of towards your next candle, purchased that visit.

We are not stacking multiple credits towards one candle purchase, saving credits, nor accepting vessels from other candle makers (with the exception of vintage light blue Ball Mason Jars in sizes PINT or ½ PINT, and ½ pint collector's edition, I will accept those).

How to package vessels for safe shipping:

To be sure of safest return, wrap your vessels in bubble wrap or kraft paper. You will be responsible for shipping costs. Once packaged, make sure there is little room in the box for movement to limit the risk of the vessels breaking.

Ship or Hand Deliver to: 117 E 2nd Street, Roswell, NM 88201

By participating in our program, you can join us in our efforts to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

This program will be ever evolving - any questions?  Give us a holler, (512) 496-9410